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The Coveted Professor Fikle Un-Award

I am extremely happy to have you as a visitor! I proudly celebrate my 18th year of annoying cyberspace... such a wonderous and smelly feet.

You obviously have fine taste in great works of art which requires the admiration of your peers; A person of such worldly grandeur is always welcome here. The UnAward, often likened to the great masters, is certain to make you the envy of cyberspace and president of the outhouse. As you sit upon your throne you will undoubtedly ponder its stature as a prominent addition to a premier award portfolio!

To be the proud and embarrassed recipient of a great masterpiece and token of greatness for years to come - an Award from none other than the Fabulous and Amazing Professor Fikle! - is the perfect addition to any premier award portfolio and the most sought treasure of Cyberspace since 1996.

Choose the finest award worthy to accompany your site throughout everlasting time and proudly step into the book below and apply for your just rewards.


I have discontinued my participation in the following award programs for one or more of the following reasons

  • Discontinued or retired program
  • Inaccessible
  • Not Maintained
  • Spamming Outlet
  • Jalyn Policy Infraction

Award Sites 07/28/00

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